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Star Lux Leather Desk Set Gray 11 Accessories

6,720.00 TL
6,920.00 TL

Star luxury desk set is designed to decorate and organize your desk and give you nice and tidy table which you will like to work in. Thanks to its design and 11 useful accessories, it also gives a deep impression on your visitors. 2 years warranty. Made by Guner Ofis Turkiye

Code GNR 013 - Kahve
Producer Güner Ofis
Delivery Date 1-2 gün
Desk Set Color Options

Please write the name and the title informations clearly as you want to see it on golden name tag. If you don't write anything, name tag will be delivered blank.

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Star Luxury Desk Set Brown 11 Accessories / Double Document Tray

         Elegant model with high quality craftmanship and material quality. 11 useful accessories with impressive color combination of wood and leather. Made of good quality materials and produced with 11 accessories.

Accessories ;

  • Desk pad with cover
  • Manager pen base
  • Pen holder
  • Note paper holder
  • Golden pen set - roller pen and fountain pen
  • Double document tray
  • Business card holder and paper clip nest
  • Calendar holder
  • Picture frame
  • Coaster

After Sales Support For Desk Sets

We offer high class customer service before and after sales. In case of damages faced after the delivery and production caused errors are carefully handled by our team and replaced the necessary accessories in a short time to ensure the customer satisfaction.